Friday, February 12, 2010

Woodhands - Remorsecapade

This week's Album in the Cell is:

Woodhands - Remorsecapade

This is a really great album, by a really weird couple of guys. Their music can be twitchy, crazy, melodic and generally pretty fun.

Woodhands has been all over the place recently, so hopefully they'll get some recognition for the fun that they are.

Check out their video for CP24 below!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Album in the Cell: v01d "This is Not a False Alarm Anymore"

This week's Album in the Cell is:

v01d - This is Not a False Alarm Anymore

This week, I'm highlighting an album instead of just a song... because I can.

"This is Not a False Alarm Anymore" is the debut album from Toronto's moody electronic guy, v01d. The maturity and contemplative nature of the songs (not to be mistaken for "boring") is a testament to the years v01d's Joseph Byer has spent working with music, and forming his sound. Anyone that heard earlier v01d will hear the difference right away. These songs are not meant for a dancefloor... but are building, growing, evolving experiences.

Highlights of the album include the sort-of-title-track "Feel Me Fade", electro waltz "Resurrected Upon Landing", the MC 900 ft Jesusesque "Gods Look Down", and sexy-but-depressing "This Moment is Over".

This album also has a companion album, "Burnt Upon Re-Entry", available digitally or as a part of a limited 2-CD set. It offers up some new tracks (including the seemingly out of character rap track "End of Life"), some remixes and alternate versions of album tracks.

To end off this post, we have the video trailer for the album... BUY IT NOW!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Song in the Cell: Kittie "Cut Throat"

This week's Song in the Cell is:

Kittie - Cut Throat

I can't quite reconcile the sound that comes out of this tiny girl's mouth with her appearance. Doesn't quite mesh, does it? Yet she somehow manages to go from a growly cookie-monster voice to a fun girlie metal voice. I think that's a thing that's baffled Kittie fans since they first appeared many years ago. Hard to believe, considering how young they *still* are.

For years, I have had Brackish in my playlists, and now I've got some new songs to add. The new single, Cut Throat, is pretty wicked. They are a great band, who just happen to be made up entirely of girls. Pretty sweet. Plus, Canadian.

Check out their new album, "In the Black". Highlights include Cut Throat, Die My Darling, and Now or Never.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Song in the Cell: Marina and the Diamonds "Mowgli's Road"

This week's Song in the Cell is:

Marina and the Diamonds - Mowgli's Road

I'm not too sure how to describe this, other than "I like it". The song is kind of fun, and different, and almost catchy (except I can never remember any of the words).

I'm realizing I'm on a bit of a kick this season... most bands I'm listening to are a "somebody and the somethings" band, or the band name ends in 'ette'. Hm.

As for this video... it brings to mind Muppets and Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man. It's a little creepy... you'll see what I mean. My limbs are feeling a little wobbly now.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Song in the Cell: Alice in Videoland "She's a Machine"

This week's Song in the Cell is:

Alice in Videoland - She's a Machine

This video is pretty cute. Alice in Videoland is an electro-punk-pop band from Sweden, on Artoffact Records (for North America). Their songs are usually pretty short, extremely fun and pretty much insane.

This song is from their third album, of the same name, "She's a Machine", which also features a duet with Maja from the Sounds ("We Are Rebels") and a cover of Guano Apes ("Open Your Eyes"). Pretty wicked.

<3 Bleph

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

v01d - Weakener (featuring Ayria) Available Now!

v01d's debut single, Weakener (featuring Ayria), is now out on Artoffact Records!

Available October 6 in digital format, from various retailers including, iTunes, and

Listen to the track on Last FM and MySpace by the end of the day!

Check out the trailer!

Can't see the embedded video? Click here!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Metal Monday: Dethklok - Bloodtrocuted

Today is Metal Monday!

... and today's band is made of crayons, or more likely pixels generated in Flash...

Dethklok - Bloodtrocuted

Can't see the embedded video? Click here!

Blerg! Why is my newest favourite metal band a cartoon!?? Yeah, it's one of those weird things where I'm not really into the genre so much anymore, but I still like the stuff I liked before and also plus I watch cartoons. In walks Dethklok (from the show Metalocalypse) with their weirdo bad accents, insanely unlucky fans and incredibly armed goons. Yeah, and also some apocalyptic prophecy involving the band.

<3 Bleph